Gods Of The Chariots


With regards to high-tech within our ancient history, a couple of things impress me as representing extraterrestrial technology, like the Baghdad (Parthian) battery or even the Antikythera mechanical/astronomical ‘computer’. While impressive in their own individual terrestrial right, they’re hardly the stuff which extraterrestrial influences on the home planet are created. Ditto that for the majority of the megalithic structures like Stonehenge or massive building works such as the Egyptian or Mesoamerican pyramids. Terrestrially impressive as representing massive projects involving plenty of hard work over lengthy amounts of time – yes. As extraterrestrial structures, they leave a little to become preferred. You have a tendency to consider alien stuff as much more advanced searching – polished metals, weird designs, next-gen computers, plenty of flashing lights, and unexplainable gizmos. If ET builds a structure on the planet you’d expect something imaginative than the usual pyramid constructed with blocks of stone.

What else can there be to think about? Well, machines that fly appear to become advanced gizmos that were past the abilities of the ancients to construct and operate.

We’ve individuals vimanas (flying machines in Hindu mythology) and also the ‘Wheel of Ezekiel’ (in Scriptural mythology) and individuals Pre-Columbian little gold model ‘airplanes’ from Central and South Usa, never to forget to say individuals ancient Egyptian wooden ‘birds’, so-known as, and pigeon-holed as a result, yet ‘birds’ aerodynamically perfect as rigid fixed-wing mixers could really fly when scaled-up. While these and much more have occupied much attention from ancient astronaut theorists, classical ‘chariots’ from far better-known mythologies haven’t really taken their attention despite the fact that title of Erich von Daniken’s top-selling book. Alas, Erich did not offer an index entry for “chariots” for the reason that tome of his, so perhaps not really he was prepared to put money where his mouth was if this found simply every old day aerial ‘chariots’.


There is nothing excessively high-tech in regards to a chariot, aside from individuals cultures like individuals from the Americas (North, Central, and South) for instance that never invented the wheel or cultures who had not domesticated a horse to drag one. I suppose towards the Incas a horse-attracted land chariot from the ancient Egyptians may have appeared high-tech indeed.

But towards the ancient Europeans, especially southern Europeans such as the Greeks, Romans, along with other cultures within the Mediterranean and nearby regions like Mesopotamia, not to mention the Egyptians, even unto China and India, chariots were part of the transport and way of waging war.

But chariots that fly, aerial ‘chariots’, are another ballgame, yet individuals ancient cultures and much more had aerial ‘chariots’, frequently referred to as ‘fiery’, contained inside their mythologies. Obviously, these winged ‘chariots’ were not meant like a trains and buses network for that great filthy (just like a subway or bus system), rather as limousines restricted to the gods asgard, goddesses, and merely plain deities generally. Could they be fact or fiction?

There is no lack of ‘gods’ who utilize aerial transport by means of ‘chariots’. They have a tendency to see just like a who’s who of deities in mythology. They may be sky gods like Zeus Thor (from the Norse) is clearly another Apollo (A holiday in Greece) ditto the Greek Moon goddess Selene (Luna if you are Roman) is yet another out of box the Greek goddess from the beginning Eos (the Roman’s Aurora). Most mythological Sun gods are connected with aerial chariots such as the Nordic god Sol and also the Hindu god Surya, or perhaps a solar barge (or boat) as with ancient Egypt.

Now you may think it apparent that chariots (or perhaps a boat) could be connected to having a Sun god or perhaps a Moon goddess (or perhaps a sky deity generally). Something has to pull individuals celestial orbs along (recall it was way before Newton which falling apple that came lower with gravity). But, would you visit a chariot (or perhaps a boat) connected or perhaps in closeness using the Sun and also the Moon? You do not? Well, the ancients had eyesight comparable to us moderns, so without a doubt, they did not use whatever chariots connected using the Moon or Sun, any more than you need to do. So there needs to be another reason behind individuals ‘chariots’. Possibly one should separate the god or goddess or deity from the things they represent. Selene could be the goddess from the Moon, but she isn’t really the Moon and it is her ‘chariot’ and not the Moon’s ‘chariot’ that is a problem here. Converted, the Moon does not need transport the goddess does.

Now Helios, like nearly the whole ancient greek language pantheon of deities, had his share of offspring. Helios had various offspring-producing enthusiasts like Rhode (the nymph of his island) and Clytie (another nymph) in addition to his wife Perse (or Perseids), an Oceanid. [Discuss women getting a very hot amount of time in bed – it does not have any hotter compared to the sun’s rays god!] Among his kids were Circe (a sorceress) and Pasiphae, Queen of The island, who’d herself cheating having a bull (but that is another story). Helios also were built with a fling using the Oceanid Clymene, producing a boy Phaeton setting that happens for that tragedy to follow along with.

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