Useful Wide hip females Tips

When you shop, would you try every dress to look at your shape inside it? Perform the wide hip females harass you or cause you to feel awkward? This occurs with females getting a pear-formed body. They constantly attempt to hide the wide sides with various outfits, and lots of occasions fail also. Dressing thick sides could be much complicated especially with regards to balancing that proportion. Imagine selecting individuals pants, pants or perhaps jeans. Pulling them for perfect fitting within the sides judi slot online jackpot terbesar  is really battling.

So, what’s the means to fix this kind of irritating selection task? Should women with big sides search for oversized clothes?

If you’re also facing such issues, this is actually the right place to stay in.

Styling tips for wide hips females

Here are some accurate tips suggested by the styling experts that would help you get that perfect look.

What neckline are you choosing?

While keeping focused around the wide hip females, women essentially forget to consider within the neckline. But among the best ways to handle the wide sides is concentrating on the neckline from the outfit you’ve selected. Browse the neckline along with the shoulders too. Search for outfits which have wide necklines together with off shoulder designs that will result in the broad shoulders visible. This could drag all of the attraction from the viewers for the shoulders and neckline supplying less importance towards the wide sides.

Don’t forget the waistline

Next comes the waistline. Departing the waistline free and bending with loose clothes will bring all of the focus there contributing to a worse turn to the wide sides. Concentrate on the waistline also. Search for outfits that include a belt or perhaps is fit in the waist. Again, it does not have to be tight following the waist also. A gentle flare or perhaps a cut following the waist is a great way to hide the wide sides.

Go for long length Tops

For any completely slim go over the waist and sides, replacing rapid t-shirts using the lengthy length tops or t-shirts will be a great move. Once the tops receive an overall length that’s extended underneath the hipbone will make your torso appear longer. This could also cover the large sides and provide you with a slim appearance.

The innerwear also matters

This might be surprising, but the innerwear you select for yourself also matters while looking for slimming the hip look. Look for a padded bra or the push-up ones. This would add some volume to the bust and would help in hiding the wideness of the hips. Adding to the bras, looking for some supporting knickers would help in toning the hip areas in the outfit you wear and sooth it too.

Go for colorful and printed tops

Colorful and different printed designs have always attracted the attention of the viewers. wide hip females Wearing colorful tops or printed tops would help in balancing the figure and would also catch the eyes of the people. People would be more focused on the top with broader shoulders with less focus on the wide hips. The printed pants or trousers would also be a good way to give your hips a slimmer look.

This is some of the expert tips that would help you out in looking perfect and slightly hiding the wide hips. Now let’s have a look at the dresses that you should include in your wardrobe.

Dresses to shop for wide hips females

The problem of wide hips often happens with females who are overweight and have excess fat accumulated around their waistline. Along with choosing the right pattern, choosing the right outfit is also important. Here is what you should try out.

Play with your top designs

Be a little choosy with the tops you are purchasing. Look for simple tunics that would help in giving you a perfect figure. The lovely light flares would provide the wide hips some space to hide. Again, look for tops or t-shirts with strapless or halter neck designs which are the best compliments to the wide hips. Similarly, tops with ruffled designs, shoulder pads, off shoulder designs, cowl designs, etc. would be the best to work with for proper balancing for the upper and lower body.

Empire waistlines

Dressing for special occasions! What have you decided to carry out? No matter whether the dressing includes long tops or the long dresses, the empire-waist line designs are sure to give you a flattering look. The empire cut falls from under the chest which gives the fabric to cover the hips and tummy portion. Such dresses provide the curves a perfect look and also helps in hiding the belly and wide hips.

Wrap around lowers

For the strugglers of wide hips, the wrap clothes have proved to be the best friends. The wrap around skirts and dresses you wear provide a better look to the wide hips. However, it is also equally important to make the right selection in the wrap attire designs. Choose the correct one that would hide your wide hips. Something like flared bottoms, pencil cut bottoms, etc. provide a snug tight look to the legs and hips for the best look.

Apart from all these, while selecting pants, trousers or jeans, go for the ones which come with a straight cut with wide bottoms. All these designs would surely provide your wide hips with a linear and slim look with high waistline too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fashion for Wide Hips

Which type of fabric is the best for wide hips?

Fabrics that are light and provide you with the utmost comfort is the best to go with. Look for cotton or wool blends with mild thickness. Again, wearing dark colors is also advisable. Make sure you do not ear tight clothes.

Does footwear matter while dealing with wide hips?

Yes, wearing heels should be preferred for providing the hips a lift. This would give the hips a toned and slim look. Make sure that you are comfortable wearing heels. Too high heels may damage your feet and waist bones. Only choose the comfortable height heels.

What bottoms are good for the pear-shaped body?

A-line skirts, maxi skirts, full skirts, bootcut pants or jeans, flare jeans, etc. are the best to go with for wide hips. However make sure that these dresses are not too tight on your body.


Fashion is for everyone. We all have equal right to indulge in good fashionable clothes and feel good about our bodies. It is not a matter of shame that you have wide hips. So please feel comfortable with the way your body is and try to accommodate your body in comfortable and fashionable clothes . Always choose an attire that will accentuate your beauty and hide your flaws.

Hope you loved our article about fashion tips for wide hip females. Please do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section. Also please share this article on social media with your friends and family.

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