Before and after: A Whimsical, Gender-Neutral Nursery


Making a children’s nursery, especially if it is for the first time, can be a sweet and fun way for new women to celebrate this special time in their lives.

Mahwash Sheeki is an interior stylist who runs a sleek design and has given an extraordinary makeover to one child’s room like that. With such an aesthetic, no doubt, the nursery must have finally become a favourite room of the house.

Keep reading to find out why this particular nursery in Noida catches our eyes and is now the small paradise of our dreams! To Mahwash when he expressed his long crowd & hard work behind this makeover.

The Inspiration

The concept behind the design is to make a very small room feel open and less messy. We use a light pastel colour scheme for the children’s space and avoid using dark furniture because it might make the room feel too heavy and crammed.

You can even recycle or get dark furniture you painted into a bright colour. It’s the most affordable way to change your space. Simply use PU finish paint that is easy to fit clean. On the wall, you can use plastic paint to keep and secure white skin.

The question is not how big the scope of the transformation is. The real question is how to make a significant transformation by making the simplest change.

The Challenge

Clients often have fundamental problems and this one mainly has the same problem too. It was a rectangular room with two parallel walls taken by windows and closets & the third had T.V. On.


The biggest challenge in doing a child’s room is to find a smart storage solution because children have many toys, and book-knick-knacks and their space immediately tend to be messy, especially when the room is tight.

How it was done

My design has a clean element and doesn’t make the room feel heavy. T.V. The panel is absolutely no use and it only spends a lot of space. We delete it and the room looks much more open. But we didn’t leave it.

To highlight the walls, we made the below geometric pattern cabinet to add more storage. Colours and patterns are taken from the overall vibration that keeps the room feel really fun and child friendly.

We also know soon now that the bed wall is now a star show. We designed the daybed that was bespoke, only the size that fits this narrow room and we decided to continue with the canopy of the nylon clans on a custom day bed to create a shadow of daydreaming. Pre-owned clients have several pillows and we mix several new ones.

Because it is a children’s room, storage and maximizing space are the keys. To keep the daybed really safe, we add a panel like a custom box on the front and side that can be easily locked when the child falls asleep so he doesn’t fall, or can be lowered when there are more people who want to sit in bed and make more areas Five.

We added Smart Storage Solutions by adding 3 pull-out storage drawers in the Daybed because they were more comfortable than the bed box. We also add a beautifully textured storage basket from the newborn decoration.

The short thing from clients is to make the room feel cute and gender-neutral. They don’t want a stylish pink / blue colour scheme for the stereotypical of their children’s space. So we created an animal-themed room and brought many funny, funny elements in decorations. These children love animals and we give them a lot of animal-shaped accessories to be played with!

We also want to play with the third dimension. Because we couldn’t do much on two parallel walls, we went with this super cute child area carpet with a little weaving. Flamingo is tied well with the canopy and makes fun of the room to play with children.

Don’t miss the funny pencil holders and sharpener sitting proudly on the new study table now! And Soo many things that are fun for him to explore such as animal bed lights if the child wants to hide and read a book under his blanket, as we did as children.

Well-intended rooms well designed should not only be funny and comfortable but can also stimulate the attention of children against details and that is the one thing we lose as we get older. Stay curious, because that’s the only way to learn.

“We are here to relax with you”! The amazing thing about being a child is that they like anything and everything around them is like a sticker on the wall (not just toys)!

You can make the smallest small space calculation. We use the room behind the door to make shelves open to display children’s toys, books, and also a good display for the collection.

Project Nursery: Tips to Tackle a Small Space

  • Don’t just use floor space for storage. 3-dimensional room. Take advantage of vertical space.
  • Add artificial lights in dark corners.
  • Floating shelves are a nice hacking for small spaces where you can store items without using the floor area and without making the room feel split.

Most of our designs are bespoke because we want to make everything suitable for an honest space too narrow. However, we added certain decorating items from the centre of the house, using fabrics from Ddecor. , and also found an interesting online store called The Peekaboo which has a good collection too.

Thus someone must have a design/concept in mind before investing in items (so it matches the room well). Try to find a versatile product that has some use (such as storage plus seating). Parents who do space for their children must also remember that the product must be child friendly, safe, and should not have a sharp edge. “

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