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Become a member of the ISCRAM Association

ISCRAM has been on quite an extraordinary journey since May 2004, when a group of researchers active in the then newly termed "ISCRAM" domain gathered for the first time in Brussels. The ISCRAM community has continued to grow and mature ever since, attracting an increasingly diverse crowd of researchers and practitioners with a variety of interests, experiences and expertise. In 2009 then, ISCRAM finally became a formally established international non-profit association, the ISCRAM Association.


Honorary Members as of May 2014

Honorary Membership is a prestigious award given to those members of the EM community who are most capable of, and willing to, help ISCRAM meet its strategic goals by sitting on an ISCRAM Advisory Board.  At the General Assembly meeting at ISCRAM 2014 we announced two new Honorary Memberships, bringing the total number of Honorary Members to seven.  The current Honorary Members are:

  • Benny Carle
  • Jack Carroll
  • Frank Fiedrich
  • Simon French
  • Sanjana Hattotuwa
  • Michael McNeese
  • Howard (Roy) Williams

Three-Year Membership

Becoming a member of the ISCRAM Association has now become easier than ever. We now offer a 3-year membership, with a 10% discount. This is an opportunity to those who are joining for the first time or renewing their ISCRAM Association membership. That is, the 3-year rate will be 90% of the current rate for three consecutive years for the category of membership (e.g. individual or institutional, regular or reduced country).


Call for Nominations for the Prestigious Award of Honorary Membership in the ISCRAM Association Deadline Extended

We are seeking nominations for the prestigious award of Honorary Membership in the ISCRAM Association.  In order to obtain the best candidates for this award, we have extended the deadline for nominations until Friday March 15, 2013.  You will find the form to make your nomination at


Membership and Member Services Committee

The Membership and Member Services Committee (MAMC) of the ISCRAM Association is responsible for managing membership in ISCRAM. The committee is also responsible for maintaining appropriate membership records, establishing contact with new members, and publishing information to support recruiting and member activities.



Institutional Members



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